Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rylan is 4 months old & other stuff too!

Big brother likes to hold Rylan!

Rylan doing crunches...back...

and up!

Jeremy fell while playing basketball and now has a small spiral fracture in his left hand. He thought is was cool at first, but now he is just annoyed by it.

Jadyn loves to climb the door frames...she gets it from her Daddy.

Cameron playing was a beautiful day!

This was taken at 3 months. It's just funny. Yes, Rylan is "standing" on the couch.

Rylan's 4 month well check was today. She is doing well. The doctor says it's normal for a breastfed baby to still be eating every 2 hours and only sleeping 6 hours at night. She was very pleased with Rylan. Rylan's stats are currently...13lbs 8oz(50th percentile), 23 1/4" long(10-25%), and her head was 75-90th percentile.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


We found the most amazing deal on this 2005 Saturn Relay. It actually cost less than the Vue we got this summer and it has less miles on it. There are many "bells and whistles" as Jeremy calls them. Built in DVD player, 6 disk changer CD player, automatic sliding doors, 12 cup holders, & a bunch of other stuff. The color is blue-ish, green-ish, gray-ish, probably called smoky something or other.

Rylan is eating cereal now. She LOVES it. The doc told me I could give it to her because she was eating every hour for 4 days straight. Even when she has the cereal, she still eats every 2 and a half hours. She is quite the piggy! She was weighed on an actual baby scale yesterday and was 13lbs 1oz with clothes and a dry diaper.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Two more things

Jeremy & I just celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary on January 8th!!! It's awesome to have such a wonderful, faithful, Christ-like husband to lead our family! We are very blessed!

I(Janna) am being checked for hypoglycemia. I have been put on a hypoglycemic diet until futher notice. The doctor is checking my insulin levels and, of course, my thyroid stuff. I will try to update soon on this.

Rylan is 3 months old!

I am sorry I stink at blogging! I will try to do better, but I cant make promises.

Rylan is 3 months old!!! She has become very active this week. She enjoys time playing on her belly and her back.
She enjoys sitting up on the couch...and falling over...and being sat up again...and falling over again.
She loves to stand up, so we started putting her in the excersaucer. She LOVES the excersaucer. She will spend a good 10 minutes in it at a time. She can actually reach the bottom and spin the seat around, but she cant play with all the cool toys yet.

Rylan also tolerates the bumbo! She only stays in it for a minute though. It's not her favorite.

This is Jeremy & Jadyn exercising with the Wii Fit. These moves are very difficult for Jeremy & me, but not for Jadyn!

We opened Christmas presents on Christmas Eve because we were traveling to TN on Christmas day. Rylan with her Christmas gifts from Mema and Nana & Papa Joe.

Cameron will his Christmas gifts from us, Mema, and Nana & Papa Joe.

Jadyn with her Christmas gift from us, Mema, and Nana & Papa Joe.

And finally, my new favorite photo of Rylan! Oh! I almost forgot to let everyone know that Jadyn has lost 2 teeth and has 2 permanent teeth coming in already to replace them!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rylan is 6 weeks old

Mommy & Rylan
Cameron, Rylan, & Jadyn

Rylan smiling!

I am the worst blogger around! I am sorry it has been so long. Rylan is now 6 weeks old. She is doing wonderfully. She is finally sleeping most of the night and only waking once to eat. She is now fitting in 0-3 months size clothes. She was in newborn clothes up til now. She is about 9.5lbs. She is smiling, wiggling, rolling side to side, and beginning to use her arms purposefully. She loves to hold her head up and look around. She is very alert and aware of her surroundings. She loves her daddy, sister, & brother so much! It is fun to see her recognizeing(sp?) them all! I will try to update more often. Thank you for all your prayers!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rylan is home!

Rylan is home and doing great! She had a great first night at home. Big sister, Jadyn, helped give her a bath! She is sleeping great, eating great, and is just a wonderful baby! Here are a couple of new pictures.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Induction tomorrow 9-26-08

This is the last belly picture of me before Rylan's arrival! I am 37.5 weeks. I will be induced in the morning. I am dialated to 3 and 50% effaced. Tomorrow is also Poppie's birthday(Jeremy's grandfather).